Yes, here we go again, give you more, nothing lesser.

Back on the mic it’s the anti depressor.

Of course, by “mic” I mean website. And by “we” I mean I. But, you know, it still fits right? I’ve been wanting to use that quote since I first decided to start a blog. And now, here I am. So, one of my followers, who happens to be my mom, challenged me to take a picture of something yellow. Stay tuned. Today, I made a new delicious. It was chocolate chip cookie dough whipped cream. No eggs. Yum. It turned out not bad, but it was just a little bit (a lot) kind of discoloured. It still tasted good, though. In the picture, it was beautifully piped with an icing piper and it was perfectly swirled, and it looked so beautiful and nice. Later today, I will make a separate post with the picture on the website, and my product. Ok so I just took a short break from blogging because a package came to the door! It was the clothes that my mom ordered a month ago. Hear that, Old Navy? A moth!! Well, I guess that’s what you get when you get free shipping. They take their time. But, they’re here now, and that’s what matters.

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A cool guy living in New Westminster, B.C.

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